Chronicle poll results: Megillah reading
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Chronicle poll results: Megillah reading

We asked our readers if they would be attending a Megillah reading. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Will you attend a Megillah reading for Purim this year?” Of the 231 people who responded, 51% said, “Yes, in person”; 36 % said, “No”; and 13% said, “Yes, streaming.” Comments were submitted by 32 people. A few follow.

It’s halacha.

I will be playing King Ahasuerus at my shul’s creative musical spiel for the umpteenth time. As Tevye might sing, “What a great ‘Tradition!’”

Jewish rituals are always best experienced in real time with other people.

Any opportunity that we have to gather as a community and a people strengthens our connection to our history and our nation. The story of this specific holiday should be considered as a sort of guide to our current existence. Chag Purim Sameach. Am Yisroel Chai.

I have no family close by and synagogue membership is too expensive where I live.

My two kids, my husband and I will go to the “ Cruising into Purim” JCC Purim carnival and the Chabad of Squirrel Hill Purim party! Costumes and everything!

We will be hearing the Megillah in Jerusalem!

The holiday creates too much noise for my aging ears. It is geared for children — a time to dress up and be loud in shul.

I agree with our rabbi’s emphasis that Purim is the best time to stand up against antisemitism — going to a shul to celebrate yet again overcoming the hate. Celebrating, with joy, being Jewish. Besides, we have a Purim spiel and hamantaschen!

Everybody is obligated to hear the Megillah twice over Purim with very few exceptions to this rule. PJC

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