Chronicle poll results: Masks
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Chronicle poll results: Masks

We asked our readers if they wear a mask when indoors in public places. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Are you wearing a mask in indoor public places, including mass transit?” Of the 277 people who responded, 61% said yes and 23% said sometimes. Just 16% said no. Seventy-three people submitted comments. A few follow.

The only time I wear my mask indoors is when I am recovering from being sick and I want to prevent spreading my germs to others.

I’m still doing what I can to protect my family.

If a venue requests wearing one, I will do it. Also, assuming that location is packed, it is likely that my wife and I would put on masks.

If I see someone that is uncomfortable, I will put on a mask.

There are still people getting sick. It’s a small gesture to keep others — and yourself — safe. We should care about people collectively. It’s sad to see how America has devolved into a nation of “what about me and my rights”.

I keep one in my pocket and use it in certain situations…and that involves asking others around me if they prefer I wear it. It’s also about ventilation, the number of people, and close quarters. No single answer.

I’m so sick of wearing masks! I’ve been fully vaccinated, including my two boosters, and pretty much don’t worry any more.

I’m being choosy about my indoor spaces and not wearing a mask. Public transit, no; indoors with my minyan, yes.

As Jews we learn to do things to benefit our neighbors as well as ourselves. That is why I wear a mask.

I understand that the COVID numbers are rising, and that there may be a time when I’ll need to re-mask. But I now have more confidence that the vaccines and boosters will keep me from having a severe case of COVID, and that if I do become symptomatic there are effective therapies that I can receive. I know that not everyone has the luxury of being confident about that. But in my case I want to try to take a step back from “COVID anxiety” and learn to think of COVID as a disease I can live with as long as I am smart about precautions

I wear a mask (N95) more than almost anyone I know, yet when I had to remove it on a long flight just to eat or drink, I got COVID, even after two boosters. Masks are critical.

Despite appearances, the pandemic isn’t over. I’m twice-boosted and am not really afraid of becoming sick, but I wear a mask to help protect other people who might not be as fortunate as I’ve been. I wish this was a more normative attitude.

Freedom…freedom to wear and freedom to go maskless. PJC

Toby Tabachnick

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