Chronicle poll results: In-person religious services
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Chronicle poll results: In-person religious services

We asked our readers how often they attend religious services in person. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “How often do you attend religious services in person?” Of the 295 people who responded, 35% said “occasionally for a holiday, simcha or yahrzeit”; 24% said “weekly”; 21% said “rarely or never”; 13% said “monthly”; and 7% said “daily.” Comments were submitted by 48 people. A few follow.

We have begun to livestream services from the Central Synagogue in New York (Reform) on Friday evenings, and have found these services to be not only enjoyable, but also enlightening and thought-provoking. We have not found any services in Pittsburgh to be as enjoyable and spiritual as these services.

We Zoom due to COVID concerns. Weekly, holidays and yahrzeits. Elderly and health concerns.

It’s difficult to have faith in any of our religious leadership. I have moved, over the past several years from Orthodox all the way to Reform. None of the rabbis inspire any strong religious feelings within me.

Chabad of Squirrel Hill and Chabad of Greenfield offer amazing programs on Saturdays and on weekdays. Since my kids go to a non-Jewish school we consider it important to participate in all their activities.

I grew up attending services at B’nai Israel on Negley Avenue. As a young wife and mother, I went to shul every Sabbath with my spouse and children. However, since returning to Pittsburgh 20 years ago, I have not found a synagogue that resonates with me. Praying, however, remains an integral part of my life.

We don’t attend religious services anymore in the Pittsburgh area because the clergy and most members are too liberal and woke for us. Politics has no place in the synagogue and many clergy have made it their mission to advance the liberal agenda. We are fed up and disappointed at the same time.

My attendance at religious services has changed since COVD. Sometimes I livestream instead since it is easier and safer.

I don’t consider myself religious anymore, and my preferred way to observe Shabbat is to stay at home reading and relaxing.

Every other week. We live in Pennsylvania but drive to Ohio for services. We call ourselves the “Wandering Jews.”

As a Jewish male who is above the age of bar mitzvah, I am obligated to attend minyanim daily barring other circumstances.

Attending less, but doing active Jewish learning more outside a congregational setting.

COVID changed everything. It is a shame. It is easy to Zoom the services.

Not as much as I should but more than I would prefer.

I sing in Temple Sinai’s choir. I go to three services per month.

I have to admit, since COVID restrictions I find it much more relaxing watching from home. PJC

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