Chronicle poll results: Ice cream
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Chronicle poll results: Ice cream

We asked our readers how they prefer to eat ice cream. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “How do you prefer to eat ice cream?” Of the 252 people who responded, 58% said in a cup or bowl; 31% on a cone; 6% said some other way; and 5% said they didn’t eat ice cream. Comments were submitted by 75 people. A few follow.


I never learned to like ice cream. As a child I got cold-headaches.

The best way to eat ice cream is to put it in a cup with the cone sticking out, so you can eat the cone and the ice cream together, but you can eat it with a spoon and avoid spillage and melting.

I don’t eat gluten, so although I adore them, cones are out for me. But it’s the ice cream that is the star, anyway.

Unfortunately, I am allergic to dairy and ice cream is one of my favorite foods! I am happy that more places are making ice cream with oat or almond milk.

I love an ice cream soda. A few places make them now.

We enjoy it straight from the carton with a spoon, or from the container of our ice cream maker. When our supermarket stopped carrying Talenti chocolate sorbet, we started making it, spiking it with a tablespoon of rum — an adult Fudgesicle.

I will eat ice cream any way that it is served.

I enjoy ice cream in a bowl because cones melt quicker than I can lick. Don’t want to lose a single bite!

As long as it’s mostly chocolate, I don’t care how it’s served — it will be delicious.

Ice cream belongs in a cone.

How do I like to eat ice cream? Daily.

With hot fudge, nuts and sprinkles.

With caramel syrup, whipped cream and a cherry.

Cones are fun, but I have no shame eating straight out of the container. Works for me.

Love a cone but generally get a cup as I want to save those extra calories.

Ice cream is one of the great pleasures in life. PJC

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