Chronicle poll results: COVID testing
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Chronicle poll results: COVID testing

We asked our readers if they had been tested for COVID in the last month. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Have you been tested for COVID in the last month?” Of the 259 people who responded, 48% said no, they did not want to be tested, and 45% said they were tested and tested negative. Five percent said they had tested positive, and 2% said they wanted to be tested but couldn’t. Eighty-eight people submitted comments. Many of the comments noted that the answer options did not apply to them, and that another response choice should have been “I was not exposed and did not need to be tested.” Several other comments follow.

Gotta love my duck-billed N95 masks, as while those around me were catching COVID I kept testing negative…. And also little children laugh at me with delight.

I am deeply ashamed of fellow Jews who have aligned with Republican and Evangelical Christians on issues surrounding the COVID pandemic. They have abandoned Jewish values that preserve life. They have adopted in their place the newest forms of American authoritarianism and death.

We need to depoliticize vaccines and testing. Everyone should have both who possibly can.

I would have liked an option to say: I have been absolutely symptom-free and not out much. Thus, no wish to waste a valuable test.

I’m staying out of crowds and trying to use good judgment. I have a home test kit I got at CVS which I can use if I think I have symptoms.

No reason to get a test, not sick.

What is the point of the test? If you have a virus, stay home until you’re well. Simple as that!

I was happy to test positive — I’m immunized, so the illness was mild, and it came at a good time for me, and now I don’t have to worry about it.

I have no symptoms of illness. So there is no current reason for me to be tested. I stay away from others. I always double-mask at stores and on the bus, and single-mask just to take out the trash in case anyone comes by. I would want to get tested if I got sick in any way.

I’ve tested twice, once with an at-home test and once with the PCR test, both negative. We always wear N95 masks indoors and avoid large indoor gatherings. We’ve also done whatever it took to get recommended vaccinations as soon as possible. Why isn’t everyone this careful? It’s mystifying.

I’m living like a vaccinated hermit, so no test needed, for now anyway.

I didn’t need a COVID-19 test! I haven’t left my house for about six months, when I went to the drugstore for my Moderna booster.

It does not have to be this way. Everyone needs to get vaccinated, boosted, and wear masks. Pittsburghers of all people should understand the importance of vaccination. So many of us in Squirrel Hill were in the Salk vaccine trials. Most anti-vaxxers have never seen polio, heard a baby with whooping cough (heartbreaking) or had measles or mumps.

I haven’t had any symptoms, nor have I been around anyone who had or tested positive. I know several people who have had COVID, including people who have died. I wear a mask everywhere I go, even when other people don’t.

Has COVID been testing me in the last month? PJC

Toby Tabachnick

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