Chronicle poll results: Chanukiah placement
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Chronicle poll results: Chanukiah placement

We asked our readers where they display their chanukiah (menorah)? Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Where do you display your chanukiah (menorah)?” Of the 200 people who responded, 53% said “inside the house”; 42% said “near a window”; 3% said “I don’t have or use a chanukiah (menorah)”; and 2% said “outside.” Comments were submitted by 42 people. A few follow.

It’s an exquisite reminder that wonderful miracles can happen.

The more menorahs the better.

My partner and I sit in the dining room and talk — no media, no screens — watching the candles burn down.

I built an 8-by-5-foot menorah and a 3-foot dreidel I put in the front yard.

We are lucky to be able to show our Jewishness in public.

I have four: one in a window on each side of my home.

I keep my real menorah on my kitchen table and an electric one in the window.

I put one inside in a doorway opposite the mezuzah. I put another one at the window.

We are a light to the world as well as its moral compass. We need to shine a light to dispel the darkness in the world.

I have a collection of 40 chanukiahs/menorahs! The one I light is in the window The others are on my mantle, and in my dining room and kitchen.

We put the menorah in the window to publicize the miracle, like we always do.

It’s time to be proud and strong as Jew when antisemitism is coming at us from so many directions.

I don’t have a window visible from the street, so I use the alternate option of lighting opposite the mezuzah. I love how Israel does it: glass boxes outside with menorahs in them. We should do that in America.

In this antisemitic climate, my feeling of safety in publicly displaying my menorah has changed, but my courage and pride have been fueled by the photograph of a menorah in the window across from a Nazi flag, taken in 1931 by Rachel Posner, wife of Rabbi Akiva Posner. PJC

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