Chronicle poll results: Chanukah shopping
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Chronicle poll results: Chanukah shopping

We asked our readers if they have started shopping for Chanukah. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Have you started shopping for Chanukah?” Of the 155 people who responded, 40% said yes, 38% said no, and 22% said they don’t shop for Chanukah presents. Comments were submitted by 31 people. A few follow.

I shop all year round. When I see something special, I buy it and put it away!

My children are adults; I give them real gelt and the chocolate type.

I can’t focus on Chanukah until Thanksgiving is over.

Now that our children are adults, we take them on vacation instead of getting them things. But as the next generation makes an appearance, that may change.

It is insulting to equate Chanukah with Christmas. I was not brought up that way, I did not bring my daughters up that way, and my grandchildren are not being brought up that way.

We give gelt.

We give a gift a night for each of the eight nights to our children — it builds great bonding.

Shopping for Chanukah is nonsense. There is no Jewish source for presents on Chanukah. It is only copying the non-Jewish world. In Europe children would collect money to give their teachers who made next to nothing. It would be a good idea to give our Jewish teachers money because even in America they do not receive a good salary.

Need to shop early… shortages.

I give money or Israel bonds.

Gifts? This isn’t Christmas. Chanukah shopping should enhance the holiday (books or music for example), not imitate the gentiles. But no, I haven’t bought my candles yet.

I have shopped through my synagogue gift shop and online Jewish sites.

Actually, I am already done …. PJC

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