Chronicle poll results: Books
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Chronicle poll results: Books

We asked our readers how many books they have read or listened to this year. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “How many books have you read or listened to this year?” Of the 179 people who responded, 41% said more than 20; 20% said 11-20; 18% said 6-10; 15% said 1-5; and 6% said zero. Comments were submitted by 40 people. A few follow.

One of the pleasures of retirement.

I keep track of my reading on The StoryGraph app and, according to it, the two books I’m currently reading are numbers 67 and 68.

Reading exercises my brain and nourishes my soul. With a book, I am never lonely. As I used to tell my middle school students: “Read a book / Make a friend / The joys of reading / Never ever end.”

I always read two novels per vacation week; and I get 1 week of each summer, winter and spring beach getaways. Due to reading enough as a lawyer and devouring magazines the other 49 weeks, sadly, that is all I can accomplish.

Every Shabbat afternoon (as well as other times).

I love Audible because, with four credits a month, my kids also get books on my account, so I get to listen to everything they’re listening to as well my own books, which provides an interesting insight into their current interests. I often listen to some books repeatedly to refresh my memory. It’s also a way to discover hidden talents in my children, most notably how my son can listen at 2X. Way too fast for me.

Thank God for free audiobook access for Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh cardholders! I listen to a book a week on average. This was one of the bonuses of COVID — a phenomenal discovery that has changed and enriched my life immeasurably.

I take time to read every day. It’s quiet time that I value highly. All of my reading is done with hardcopy books. Barnes & Noble and library book sales are favorite destinations of mine.

I have read three books a month for book groups plus another 25 or so just for me. I can’t understand why people don’t read.

Streaming is killing reading. We used to be the people of the book. Now we’re the people of the

I usually have two or three books going at the same time, to fulfil spiritual, creative, literary, and often, lighthearted needs.

Zero completed, many started. PJC

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