Chronicle poll results: Attendance at event supporting Israel
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Chronicle poll results: Attendance at event supporting Israel

We asked our readers if they have attended a public event in support of Israel. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Did you attend a rally, prayer service or any other type of event signifying solidarity with Israel following the Hamas terrorist attacks?” Of the 267 people who responded, 66% said yes and 34% said no. Comments were submitted by 57 people. A few follow.

We support Israel. Prayers to the soldiers and civilians. I was surprised that my Christian friends were supporting me and were horrified by the recent events. My biggest concern is the people who support Hamas. The propaganda against Jews and Israel worries me.

Of course my prayers are with Israel and the Jewish people worldwide. We must stick together, no matter what our political affiliations are.

Very helpful to convene with fellow Jews in solidarity.

We attended a rally to support Israel on the day after. While many religious and political speakers helped us to feel less alone, we were most gratified by an NAACP leader and a recent African American convert to Judaism. While some in the African American community have expressed anti-Jewish feelings lately, hearing the supportive, empathetic words of these two individuals was very heartwarming during these terrible times.

I’m quite elderly and unable to get out to many important events. I did, however, say my own prayers for the safety and well-being of the families in the Middle East in all areas. May this upheaval be soon brought to an equitable and peaceful resolution.

While I have not yet done anything in person, I have been continually communicating immediate and lifelong support with individuals and organizations from around the world and from a wide range of political perspectives.

I appreciate the Federation convening events where all Jews in Pittsburgh can demonstrate their support of Israel together.

I am too scared to show solidarity with Israel.

I am blown away by the sense of achdus (togetherness ) that I see amongst our people!

I attended a rally but left my wife and children at home because of my concern for their safety. The security/police presence was strong and in retrospect I wish I had brought them with me to feel the warmth, strength and hope of the community.

I have been to more than one service because I feel the need to be among friends. The attacks weren’t traumatic enough — then we must be subjected, for who knows how long, to this hatred, this outcry, not against Hamas or Hezbollah, but against the only country in the entire world that exists to provide safety and a decent lifestyle to Jews? We need to rely on each other, more now than ever (again). PJC

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