Chronicle poll results: Attacks on Israelis
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Chronicle poll results: Attacks on Israelis

We asked our readers how concerned they are by recent attacks on Israelis from Palestinians, Lebanon, Syria and Iran. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “How concerned are you with the recent attacks on Israelis coming from Palestinians, Lebanon, Syria and Iran?” Of the 163 people who responded, 84% said “very concerned”; 14% said “somewhat concerned”; 1% said “not concerned”; and 1% had no opinion. Comments were submitted by 27 people. A few follow.

I can only pray from afar and rely upon my belief that somehow Hashem will protect those people and that the land that they are most entitled to survives and flourishes.

The Israeli right-wing attacks on Arabs and extension of settlements is not a justification for this, but it is just as wrong.

Summer Lee and the rest of the congressional Squad minimize these attacks and maximize the measured responses, as if the Israelis are not entitled to protect themselves.

These days I am more concerned about what is happening within Israel proper.

Each life lost is an entire world.

I am equally concerned with the Israeli government’s anti-democracy movements and
tolerance for settlers destroying Palestinian homes and groves.

The Trump administration was on its way to negotiating peace. The Biden administration has no plan to do anything.

I am worried enough that we will not be visiting Israel this year. PJC

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