Support the Chronicle this Giving Tuesday!
Giving TuesdayChronicle's 60th anniversary

Support the Chronicle this Giving Tuesday!

We've been bringing you good news for 60 years. Help us continue to do that for the next 60 years.

Yes, it’s Giving Tuesday once again. You’re inundated with emails like this one, but only this one is from the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle. Every day online, and every week in print, we inform, we engage and we connect our community. We touch more people in the Pittsburgh Jewish community, more often, than anyone else.

This year we’re asking you to help celebrate our 60th anniversary — and to help ensure that we’re here to bring you news for another 60 years.

For 60 years we have brought you good news — quality news, news you can trust, local news that no one else has. We publish it all — happy news and sad news, news about organizations, people, trends and events. What would your Jewish life in Pittsburgh be like without us?

You’re counting on us, and we’re counting on you. Whether or not you’ve donated this year, please consider making a Giving Tuesday contribution to the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle, an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3). Every contribution makes a difference, and every contribution is greatly appreciated.

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Jim Busis, CEO & Publisher
And the rest of our team: Toby, Adam, David and Phil.