Letters to the editor August 30

Letters to the editor August 30

We forgot Finegold

Your Aug. 23 article “Pittsburgh’s Jewish Pirates,” was very nice, but I think you missed a very important one.

Dr. Joseph Finegold was very valuable to the team. He was the team physician. He was with them from the 1950s until the early 1990s. Keeping the team healthy was a large part of his job in spring training and at home and sometimes away.

The players were very important to him and believe me, he felt they were part of his family and he treated them all that way.

When they were all healthy they did well and when they were hurting sometimes they didn’t do well.

I really feel that your article should have mentioned him.

Carole (Ruttenberg) Schwartz-Cohen

New Castle

(The author is the niece of Dr. Finegold. The Chronicle happily stands corrected.)