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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

‘Horrified’ and ‘ashamed’ of Jews voting Republican
I can’t help but be grateful that neither of my parents, of blessed memory, is alive to see what some of their fellow Jews have become. My mother got a visa to Palestine from Youth Aliyah after she and her family were deported to Poland from Germany in 1938.

She was the sole survivor. My father, a joint winner of the Israel Prize in exact sciences in 1957, was always so proud of Jewish intelligence and achievement. Both were exceedingly generous souls. All three of us voted for Arlen Specter back when being a Republican didn’t mean what it has come to mean. What would they think of Jews supporting the likes of Doug Mastriano, Mehmet Oz and the “Mike Doyle” who Republicans are cynically running to fool voters into thinking our retiring Democratic congressman is on the ballot? I know they would be horrified and ashamed. Mastriano is the most blatant fascist of the bunch, though they are all extremists without a care for those who aren’t just like them, and campaign with rather than denouncing him. Jews voting for a straight-up Christian nationalist, insurrectionist, proud Confederate uniform-wearer who promotes Gab, a platform that literally celebrates and encourages killing Jews, pledges to halve the state education budget, wants to ontrol future election outcomes and would force all pregnancies to end in forced birth or murder charges? Jews supporting candidates like Oz, who would help usher in a U.S. Senate that guts Social Security and Medicare? Jews supporting a “Mike Doyle” who doesn’t put “Republican” on his campaign literature to let us know he’s an extremist imposter?

“Justice, justice, shall you pursue.” Not if you’re part of the modern-day Republican party, or a Jew who supports them.
Michele Feingold

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