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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Fetterman not capable of serving in Senate
I watched the Fetterman-Oz debate with an open mind, but what became obvious from John Fetterman’s replies to questions is that the stroke has affected his cognition. Unfortunately, as a result of the stroke, Mr. Fetterman is not capable of carrying out the demanding mental and physical duties required of a U.S. senator. He needs to devote himself full time to the therapies and rest required for his possible recovery. Anything else would not be fair to Fetterman or to the country.
Every person, Republican, Democrat or independent, wishes John Fetterman a full recovery from his stroke.

Sheldon Shapiro

Mastriano’s Christian nationalism would not be good for Jews
Jim Silverman in his Oct. 28 letter says Jews should vote for Mastriano. I guess he missed the fact that Mastriano is a Christian nationalist, similar to Marjorie Taylor Green. Christian nationalism is the belief that the American nation is defined by Christianity, and that the government should take active steps to keep it that way. Christian nationalists want to pass laws that reflect their view of Christianity and its role in political and social life. Jews would be allowed to live in this country but only on the forbearance of the Christian nationalists.

In past generations, to the extent that the United States had a quasi-established official religion of Protestantism, it did not respect true religious freedom. Worse, the United States and many individual states used Christianity as a prop to support slavery and segregation. Under Christian nationalism, Jews, Blacks, as well other non-Christian groups, would be second-class citizens.

Christian nationalism in its most radical form, as has been espoused by Mastriano in the past, and pushed by the far right organizations active in our political landscape today, states that America was founded as a Christian nation and all other religions have no place in American life and/or American philosophy.

I do not believe that is a philosophy Jews can live with.

Marc Yergin

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