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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Federal case against Pittsburgh synagogue shooter is ‘mockery of justice’
It has been three years and 10 months since the murders in the Tree of Life building without a trial. How can the community and its leadership remain silent?

The federal government insisted that its case proceed first. Clearly, the Justice Department and federal court are incapable of trying the defendant. After two presidents, two federal judges and multiple attorneys general, the case remains untried.

If you can’t try a man who emerges from a crime scene carrying the murder weapon, maybe you should stand aside and let the commonwealth prosecute the state criminal homicide charges.

The current situation is a mockery of justice as the defendant runs out the clock hoping that witnesses die, evidence is lost and memories fade. It is beyond the time to demand expedited state prosecution.

Justice should be swift, but failing that it must be certain.

Lee Golden
Rehovot, Israel

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