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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

No rush
Stuart V. Pavilack (“Middle East conflict — Groundhog Day no more,” Feb. 21) was absolutely correct in his review of the history of the Palestinian “no.” He is also correct in suggesting that the Palestinian reaction to the current Trump proposal will not be any different. But Mr. Pavilack did not discuss the perils Israel faces if the current proposal rolls to its obvious conclusions: annexation of the settlements in areas B and C, which, effectively, establish a “one state solution.”

There is no politician in Israel who would dare suggest that the Arab citizens of Israel could be asked to join a government. What, then, will be the status of the Palestinians in the annexed territory?

It seems that as much as Netanyahu’s push for a status quo before the Trump era seemed irrational, it is now a sensible pause in the rush to implement the current “peace proposal.”

Ram Kossowsky

Appreciating Wexner
It is with great dismay that I read the editorial in the Feb. 21 Jewish Chronicle about Leslie Wexner (“The stain of misogyny”). To quote Jeff Finkelstein, the Wexner Heritage Program is “the preeminent lay leadership training program in North America.” I was among the first Pittsburghers in 1986-1988. It was an honor and a privilege to be selected and to participate in two years of learning, travel and general Jewish and communal education. I am incredulous that the participants you contacted here in Pittsburgh would not be quoted. I was not contacted, but I would have had no hesitation in commending Mr. Wexner for establishing and funding this program for several decades. He has made an incomparable gift to each participant and the communities to which they belong. I will always be grateful to Leslie Wexner and I only wish him well.

Judy Palkovitz

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