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(Photo from Flash90)

‘Heartbroken’ that Rodef Shalom and its rabbi will part ways
In response to Howard Cohen’s excellent letter of March 25, “Rabbi Bisno is irreplaceable,” I second the motion.

Unlike Mr. Cohen, I am a Rodef Shalom member and have treasured an affiliation with it since 1963. I have known Aaron Bisno from almost the day that he began his time here about 17 years ago and have come to know him well. We shared a Christmas Eve Chinese dinner feast early in his tenure, and he officiated at my marriage with skill and perfection. He once honored and humbled me by incorporating a published letter I had written about the late Simon Wiesenthal into a Shabbat morning sermon.
I have found him to be unfailingly kind, gracious, warm, welcoming and even-tempered — a marvelous ambassador for Rodef Shalom. He has demonstrated himself to be a learned individual of high intellect, a passionate and compelling speaker, a leader and a mensch.

I have corresponded with a number of Rodef Shalom members among the many who are shellshocked — sad and disheartened that our rabbi will no longer be with us after such a long period of dedicated service. I am heartbroken at the turn of events, particularly that we congregants know so little about why it was decided that our beloved rabbi and Rodef Shalom would part ways.

Oren Spiegler
Peters Township

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