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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Praise for article on WWII liberator
I really enjoyed the article “Nonagenarian camp liberator meets son of inmate” (May 21), and especially the 97-year-old soldier’s story of the inmates who were able to punish the Nazi guard. Thank you for sharing that newsworthy piece.
I’m a native Pittsburgher, out for over 45 years, but I love to read the Chronicle!

Rabbi Dovid (Crouse) Rosenberg
Scranton, Pennsylvania

Stand up against antisemitism
After reading the article on the rallies showing support for or opposition to the current crisis in Israel (“Community reacts to Operation Guardian of the Walls,” May 21) my reaction was, “Wake up!”

This crisis should not be accepted as a rationale for the antisemitic attacks we are seeing in America. In L.A. last week, a car caravan sporting Palestinian flags stopped near an outdoor café. Members of the caravan threw bottles at diners, chanted “death to Jews” then stopped their cars. Men got out, demanded to know who was Jewish and assaulted those who said they were.

Similar scenes of violence took place in New York City over this past weekend.

Where is the outcry from government officials? Where are the lawn signs proclaiming “Jewish Lives Matter?” Where are the leaders of the Jewish community standing up for its members?

Wake up! Speak out! Every life matters or no lives matter. Give up the fear that makes us afraid to defend ourselves, fretting that our own defense somehow aligns us with evil. This notion is dangerous nonsense. Contact your congressional representatives. Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar have no problem spouting antisemitic tropes. Sen. Chuck Schumer is MIA. Surely there are some among our elected officials who are willing to condemn antisemitism. Make your voices heard. If we don’t, then others might take our silence for acceptance that, somehow, “Hitler was right” — as BBC journalist Tala Halawa recently tweeted.

Georgia Atkin

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