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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Kudos to Pittsburgh institutions from a former Buffalonian
Four years ago I went from being a lifelong Buffalonian to a Pittsburgher. The move was challenging considering the contrast in cities. I had to learn how to drive in and around hills, tunnels and bridges, which was a new experience since my former city had none of the above. Add to that my confusion of why, after driving a fair distance including twists and turns, I still ended up on Beechwood Boulevard.

Another challenge was moving to a new city and knowing only three people. My daughter (one of the three) suggested I join the JCC. Great suggestion. I joined the Yidddish club, yoga class, current events program and saw movies and had lunch with new friends in the J Cafe. When COVID-19 arrived, AgeWell offered a variety of interactive group classes using the computer. They call it “videoconference technology,” I call it magic. The JCC was a big part of my transition and I am forever grateful.
I went on to find a perfect place to live and met and became friendly with a group of lovely women who live in my building. Add book club, card club and birthday club to my list.

Buffalo’s slogan is “City of Good Neighbors.” Pittsburgh has them beat. Buffalo may be friendly, but Pittsburgh is friendlier. I don’t want to give myself a kenahora, but my leap to Pittsburgh has been great.

Phyllis Balsom
Squirrel Hill

Reader says ‘thanks’
As Jeff Izenson’s sister, I wanted to thank you for the lovely article you wrote about the closing of Specialty Luggage (published online July 30, and on pg. 4 of this week’s print issue).

David Rullo did a beautiful job weaving together the history of my family and the business they worked hard to create.
It was very moving to read the story.

Thank you for taking the time and energy to do such a wonderful job.

Mindy Rosenberg
San Francisco, California

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