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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Continuation of Israel-Hamas war is ‘immoral’
A recent opinion piece in the Chronicle labeled a call for a ceasefire of Israel’s war on Gaza “immoral” (Julie Paris, “Calls for a premature ceasefire are immoral and counterproductive,” Dec. 13, 2023). Other opinion pieces in the Chronicle have also identified a ceasefire as synonymous with support for Hamas, just as many rabbis in our community signed a letter to Rep. Summer Lee asserting that a ceasefire is “grotesque.” At present this war has killed almost 20,000 people confined to Gaza and destroyed hospitals, schools, homes and cemeteries, in addition to those maimed, orphaned and injured. Assertions of civilians being used as human shields are not exculpatory; this is an atrocity of violence brought about by extensive bombing of a densely concentrated population. How much of Gazan life has been destroyed; how little has Israel gained. It is a facetious and tremendously gross oversimplification to assert that a call for a ceasefire suggests support for Hamas. In fact, what is immoral is the continuation of such atrocity, and what is grotesque is the assertion that it is acceptable.

Jared Magnani
Squirrel Hill

Praise for 10/27 Memorialization Working Group
As a licensed social worker, I wanted to comment on the article “10/27 memorial to be built on unity, not unanimity” (Dec. 8). I was impacted and moved by the Chronicle’s description and capture of an evolving group — which is the Memorialization Working Group.

Over the years I have been a member of groups, and have moderated them as well.

So much of your portrayal of the participants is familiar: developing trust, listening skills, work to be done, different voices and opinions, not all will agree, and eventual respect and consensus.

I am touched to read how this group is working toward the goal of memorializing their family members. They certainly appear to be doing the hard work of due diligence….together. I can only commend them, and will follow their completion of the memorial project with much interest.

Ed Sisenwain

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