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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Supporting the Palestinian narrative is a call for Jewish genocide
It was comforting to read some of the statements from Pennsylvania’s elected representatives in response to the horrific and barbaric attack by Hamas against Israeli civilians (“Pennsylvania’s politicians react to Gaza’s attack on Israel,” Oct. 13). Especially noteworthy were the statements by Gov. Josh Shapiro and Sen. John Fetterman, who both unequivocally denounced Hamas’ abhorrent attack. President Biden’s speech on Oct. 10 was exemplary in his support for Israel and the Jewish people. Many other national figures also spoke unambiguously in support of Israel and its right to defend itself.

On the other side has been a despicable display of pure Jew-hatred: Thousands of cheerful marchers, participating in hundreds of demonstrations around the world, proudly supporting Hamas and its cause of eradicating Israel and the Jews. Some academics, such as Columbia University’s Joseph Massad, were overjoyed in the success of Hamas’ sadistic attack. Apparently beheading babies, burning children alive, raping women and murdering more than 1,000 civilians is a Palestinian Arab cause well worth supporting. National Students for Justice in Palestine, with a presence on more than 200 campuses, praised the attack as “a historic win for the Palestinian resistance.” Dozens of Harvard University student groups published a statement holding “the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence … the apartheid regime is the only one to blame.” And, of course, the Palestinian Authority, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, refused to condemn the genocidal attack. This is the same man who has denied the Holocaust, compared the Palestinian Arab situation to 50 holocausts and most recently has blamed the Holocaust on the Jews. The PA that he heads will be paying pensions for life (pay to slay) to the families of the Gaza terrorists for the exemplary service they provided to the Palestinian cause.

Unfortunately, there were others, primarily from the progressive left, who either could not bring themselves to condemn this genocidal attack or, if they did condemn it, such as Rep. Summer Lee, felt the need to equivocate by making the most ludicrous, morally obscene arguments — arguments that could only be believed by those who are inexcusably ignorant (certainly not unprecedented in woke circles) or who are themselves antisemites.

Where at one time woke comments and behavior might have been disappointing and disconcerting, and at other times disgusting and despicable, it has now reached the level of demonic and depraved. They calmly refer to Hamas barbarians as “militants,” talk about cycle of violence, call for a ceasefire, demand the end of U.S. government support for Israeli military occupation and apartheid, and directly or indirectly blame Israel for Hamas’ barbarism.

The lines have been drawn. “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free” is a call to wipe out Israel and its Jews, G-d forbid — a call for genocide. People on the progressive left have been made unequivocally aware that in supporting the Palestinian Arab narrative in the name of human rights they are, in fact, supporting the call for genocide against the Jewish people.

Reuven Hoch

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