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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Unfair coverage of Congresswoman Summer Lee
For a publication that keeps trying to claim it’s fair and balanced, you sure are doing a fine job of proving otherwise. First was the decision to run three letters to editor — only one of which was from someone in Pittsburgh — critical of both Rep. Lee and a recent op-ed supporting Lee’s decision not to talk with the Chronicle (“Summer Lee has good reason not to speak to the Chronicle,” by Sara Stock Mayo, April 21). Then you made the mindful decision to run a news syndicate story about someone who wishes to run against Lee … in 2024 (“Republican vying for Rep. Lee’s seat blasts her ‘no’ vote on Israel resolution,” JNS, online, April 28). Many times, coverage of events has been denied if seen as overtly political, such as a Jewish organization’s endorsement of a candidate or event on their behalf, yet you’ll choose to run this “story” about some far-off opponent who offensively ties a vote on a resolution to the shootings here? If you’re fair and balanced, where was your coverage of Rep. Lee’s statement at the start of the trial decrying antisemitism and her work to secure funding for the Tree of Life building?

Jonathan Mayo

Editor’s note: The Chronicle reported on Lee’s statement condemning antisemitism and her work to secure funding for Tree of Life, Inc. (“Summer Lee working to secure funding to address trauma from 10/27 shooting,” online, May 3).

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