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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Summer Lee’s Chronicle snub a symptom of our ‘poisoned culture’
Much as I respect Sara Stock Mayo’s artistry as a cantorial soloist and compassion as a chaplain, I am saddened by her arguments in favor of Rep. Summer Lee’s continued snubbing of the Jewish community’s newspaper of record (“Summer Lee has good reason not to speak to the Chronicle,” April 21).

The Chronicle appears to be committed to airing all sides of issues, as witnessed by its publication of Ms. Mayo’s op-ed. By insisting on explicating and holding Ms. Lee to account for her positions, it is only doing its job. The inability to dialogue with others — including those with whom we may disagree — is one of the symptoms of our poisoned civic culture.

When Donald Trump refused to answer questions from CNN and tried to decertify its correspondents, people were properly disgusted by his combination of bullying and cowardice. How is Summer Lee’s dodging of accountability to those she represents any different?

Lou Weiss

Summer Lee’s failure to speak to the Chronicle confirms her indifference
Bravo for your much-needed challenge to Rep. Summer Lee to break her silent treatment toward her Jewish constituents (“It’s well past time for Rep. Summer Lee to speak with the Chronicle,” April 14). Her correct response would be to take up that challenge. Her failure to do so only confirms an already demonstrated indifference, or even hostility, to its vital concerns.

An even larger challenge could also be directed at the likely large number of Pittsburgh-area Jews, who, despite numerous pre-election warning signals, nonetheless voted for her.

The American Jewish community is facing an increasingly parlous political environment. Jewish political influence is rapidly waning. Many stalwart legislative friends are either retiring or are being primaried and are being replaced by “Squad”-type political enemies who not only agitate assiduously against American support for Israel, but actively promote a vision of America no longer congenial to the inherent interests of American Jews. Jews need to seriously consider for whom, and for what, they are voting — but never blindly for any now falsely advertised political label.

Richard D. Wilkins
Syracuse, New York

Mayo’s op-ed ‘insulting’
I just read the piece in support of anti-Israel Congresswoman Summer Lee by Sara Stock Mayo. No article written by a Jew can whitewash Lee’s feelings about the Jewish state, nor her actions in Congress, which to date prove she is a just another Israel-bashing Squad member.

And how insulting is it for Ms. Mayo to suggest that Jews complain about Lee because she’s Black and not because of content?

Summer Lee deserves criticism when it comes to Israel because of her record. Period.

Paula Joffe
West Berlin, New Jersey

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