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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Attack on Haley is puzzling
In last week’s Chronicle, Mr. Oren Spiegler, distinguished writer of letters to editors, sought to discredit Nikki Haley in a not-so-veiled effort to once again disclose his extreme dislike of Donald Trump.

But, in doing so, did Mr. Spiegler unwittingly, praise Ms. Haley? He claimed she is not a favorite of “those who value and emphasize consistency, honor and integrity.” His reasoning in making that claim, however, is that on several matters she was a supporter of Trump but has now turned against him and is challenging him in seeking the Republican nomination for president.

One would have thought Mr. Spiegler might applaud Ms. Haley’s “evolvement“ rather than attack her as lacking in consistency, honor and integrity. Why he attacked this woman of color is a reasonable question to ask of him.

Jack Mennis
Allison Park

A statement against ‘hate and wokeness’
In response to the letter “Haley lacks integrity” (Feb. 24):

We have a society with some extremists on all ends of the political spectrum, but the deeper problem is the destruction of the social fabric. The imputing of racism to perspectives that are different from one’s own is ripping us apart. To deny former Gov. and Ambassador Haley’s perspective that our country has made epoch changes in the treatment of many groups is to deny reality.

I don’t know if I will vote for her, but I will put her name on my car as a statement against hate and wokeness.

Mark Staman Rodney

Palestinian media’s incitement of hatred makes prospect of peace remote
During his recent visit to Pittsburgh, Israeli diplomat Itay Milner warned that “the hate we see online can be used or abused in real life,” recalling that the Tree of Life terrorist “was brainwashed by things that he read online,” as was the Palestinian Arab terrorist who recently massacred seven worshippers at the synagogue in Jerusalem’s Neve Yaakov neighborhood (“A conversation with Israeli diplomat Itay Milner,” Feb. 24).

If the problem of fringe online hate is serious, how much more so should we be concerned about an entire government that utilizes both conventional news media and social media to incite hatred against Jews and Israel. Consider these samples from the Palestinian Authority-controlled media in recent weeks:

— PA Television on Feb. 3 featured an official of the Fatah movement (the ruling faction of the PA) calling the Neve Yaakov killer “a hero.”

— A columnist for the PA’s official daily newspaper, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, wrote on Feb. 5 about what he called “the Zionist exaggeration of the number of victims of the Holocaust, in order to obtain the world’s sympathy.”

— On Feb. 4, PA Television’s “Giants of Endurance” program broadcast the granddaughter of an imprisoned terrorist reading a poem with these lines: “All my Arabness calls me to vengeance and liberation / To war that will smash the oppression and set the Zionist’s soul on fire.”
(Translations courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch.)

The Palestinian Authority’s nonstop campaign of inciting hatred poses a clear and present danger to the lives of Israeli Jews and makes the hope for peace more remote than ever.

Stephen M. Flatow
Long Branch, New Jersey

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