Chronicle poll results: Purim
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Chronicle poll results: Purim

We asked our readers if they planned to attend a Megillah reading on Purim. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Are you planning to attend a Megillah reading on Purim?” Of the 182 people who responded, 49% said no; 44% said yes; and 7% said they were not sure. Comments were submitted by 33 people. A few follow.

A happy event of pertinence to our people, with a positive outcome. At the moment we need to absorb a historical event such as this for our own comfort and outlook. Chag Purim, Chag Purim, Chag Gadol L’Yehudim!

I believe there is a serious message about life and comedy in the Purim story. Go ahead and dress up — but realize that chazal/sages believed it’s a yom tov like Channukah, etc.

I’m looking for an online service, as I am a full-time caregiver for a beloved family member.

My grandsons have starring roles in the Purim play so I will be there.

Attending, virtually…Park Avenue Synagogue.

Not only am I attending, but I will be performing in my umpteenth Purim shpiel after the reading; Darth “Haman” Vader will come to life as the villain in the Rodef/TOL joint project “Estar Wars.”

The last one I attended was decades ago when my now-adult son and daughter were young. I dressed as Bert from Sesame Street and my shorter friend came as Ernie. We stole the spotlight! I don’t go now because the noise and frenzy are too much for me at my elderly age.

No. It’s not a particularly big megillah in my life.

I make hamantaschen and deliver shalach manot, but this year I’m not hearing the Megillah.

We have COVID in the house, so we’re not going anywhere.

What is Purim without hearing the Megillah? Happy Purim to everyone!

It is one of the most important mitzvot obligations for the observance, Of course everyone should hear the Megillah and realize its meanings in today’s times.

We need to reinforce our connection to our heritage and to constantly renew our identity….The rest of the world will never ignore our identity.

We wouldn’t miss the chance to boo Haman. PJC

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