Chronicle poll results: Hostage deal
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Chronicle poll results: Hostage deal

We asked our readers if they approved of the hostage deal between Israel and Hamas. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Do you approve of the hostage deal between Israel and Hamas which was announced on Tues., Nov. 21?” Of the 239 people who responded, 49% said yes, 25% said no and 26% said they weren’t sure. Comments were submitted by 85 people. A few follow.

This sets yet another bad precedent; it encourages bad people to continue to profit from their kidnapping misdeeds. I understand the pressure on Bibi from the victims’ families, but this was a myopic and ill-fated decision.

All hostages should be released before any cease-fire!

Why are we negotiating with Qatar and Hamas? Why are we exchanging hostages for prisoners? I want all of the hostages released but this will set a bad precedent and encourage future hostage-taking.

It is an encouraging start and best solution given the current environment. I strongly support it.

How is this even a question? To oppose this deal would suggest support for keeping hostages from their families and for continued destruction and death in Gaza.

Israel still needs to be allowed to finish the job of removing Hamas.

Hamas needs to be eradicated immediately. A cease-fire will only allow them to re-arm and continue their onslaught.

Happy for the families who will get somebody back; unhappy for the rest of Israel.

This deal incentivizes more hostage-taking.

Hostage-taking vs. jailing after due process are two different things. Hamas can say its jailed fighters were taken hostage. Plus this emboldens Hamas to take more hostages, which is against international law.

It’s a start. Hopefully, there will be more exchanges.

Israel should have demanded more. And, there should be no cease-fire until Hamas is destroyed!

While redeeming hostages is of the upmost importance, we must continue to show the world that Hamas is not to be trusted and is still a barbaric terrorist organization.

Anything that halts firings for any time and frees hostages with the possibility of more is good. PJC

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