Chronicle poll results: Gubernatorial race
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Chronicle poll results: Gubernatorial race

The Chronicle asked its readers who they were supporting in Pennsylvania's race for governor. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Who do you support in Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial race?” Of the 354 people who responded, an overwhelming majority, 93%, said Josh Shapiro; 4% said Doug Mastriano; 1.5% said they were not sure yet; and 1.5% said “other or no one.” The Chronicle would like to remind its readers that this is not a scientific poll. Comments were submitted by 72 people. A few follow.

Is the question: Do you support the competent Jewish guy or the neo-Nazi?

No contest. Mastriano is a very bad choice.

I hope that everyone supports Josh Shapiro. His opponent is antisemitic and a white nationalist.

Immediately after the Tree of Life massacre, I had a personal interaction with Josh Shapiro that proved his humanity. He is a true mensch.

We don’t need another CLUELESS Joe Biden rubber-stamp governor!!!!

How can any Jew possibly support Mastriano?

Josh Shapiro is honest and intelligent. He did a wonderful job as attorney general.

How can anyone vote for a Gab-loving, election denying, antisemite?

Doug Mastriano is either an antisemite or too profoundly ignorant to understand that he is behaving like one.

Although I tend toward being conservative, Mastriano is SO far right in scary ways so I can’t support him!

The GOP put up a horrible candidate. PJC

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