Chronicle poll results: Getting ready for Passover
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Chronicle poll results: Getting ready for Passover

We asked our readers if they have started getting ready for Passover yet. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Have you started getting ready for Passover yet?” Of the 194 people who responded, 54% said no and 46% said yes. Comments were submitted by 30 people. A few follow.

Too early. I’ll wait another two weeks.

I need a Pesach kitchen.

One-person household. Major grocery stores have very limited Passover items (hey — where’s the egg matzah?!). Might bake a few things but no one to cook for except myself.

Going to Israel for Passover.

Wish I had more vegetarian recipes.

The preparations involved with Passover are quite the task, from cleaning every room and carefully kashering the kitchen, to buying and preparing food. However, I look forward to the Pesach seders and, of course, the main event — enjoying eating my matzah, butter and apricot preserves for eight days. Yum!

As a young wife and mother, I prepared for Pesach weeks and weeks in advance: changing dishes, re-lining cabinets and countertops, vacuuming every corner for crumbs, buying appropriate food. Now, as an elderly woman who lives alone, I do little to get ready for the holiday — except to buy a box of matzah and a jar of gefilte fish.

I’ve been thinking about it for several weeks, but haven’t actually done anything yet. It doesn’t matter how early you start, you always need more time! But starting early does keep the stress down.

I’ve cleaned up a different part of the house each weekend and I already have my kosher for Passover Sephardic menu!

I do kasher my refrigerator, kitchen cabinets and drawers but I will start next week and then cook for the seders.

I usually start a week before.

I shopped, but I still need to make a seder menu. And plans for every other day. Yikes!

Although I see the Passover items at the grocery store, I am not ready to shop

So much to do, so little time! PJC

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