Chronicle poll results: COVID-19
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Chronicle poll results: COVID-19

We asked our readers if COVID-19 was still affecting their daily life. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Is COVID-19 still affecting your daily life?” Of the 222 people who responded, 54% said “no”; 36% said, “yes, somewhat”; and 10% said, “yes, significantly.” Comments were submitted by 63 people. A few follow.

I’ve worked in hospice care during COVID. I am seeing more mask freedom. Apart from work, I don’t have any COVID issues.

Just had it for two weeks after managing to avoid it for over three years. Five vaccine doses.

Long COVID is real. Not everyone is fine after COVID; for many it is debilitating. It also is still preferentially killing older members of society. Masking isn’t hard, just don’t shame me for it.

For me it is now in the category of the flu.

I think about it a small amount, but we live completely as if it never existed.

I still worry about bringing any sickness home to my ill wife. I wear a mask to hospital and supermarket.

I am a champion of masks and vaccines and still feel the urge to mask up sometimes. But after three years I’m more than ready to move on.

I still wear a mask when I am in crowded places. Otherwise, things are normal.

I am immunocompromised from prior chemotherapy, so I am reticent about being in crowds. Having said that, I must concede that I do not wear a mask any more.

I mask when indoors, don’t go to movies, don’t go to crowded prayer services, etc.

It astonishes me the number of people who remain reclusive because of COVID. I have a friend like that — she has not left her house in years, and nothing we say takes away her fear. Her isolation is harming her more than COVID would.

All precautions taken and still got it on a trip.

I work at a UPMC doctor’s office and masks were made optional a few weeks ago.

It’s likely I will be at least somewhat cautious for some time. Not because I’m over-cautious, but because there will remain many “non-vaxxers” who don’t believe in vaccination or anything related to the epidemic. They are the ones who will selfishly continue to spread COVID and/or infect others. They will continue to be whom we need to protect ourselves against.

I am so glad that COVID is no longer occupying my life. It feels so good to breathe without a mask, and to be able to see everyone’s faces again! PJC



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