Chronicle poll results: ChatGPT
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Chronicle poll results: ChatGPT

We asked our readers if they have used ChatPGT. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Have you used ChatGPT?” Of the 189 people who responded, 77% said no and 23% said yes. Comments were submitted by 32 people. A few follow.

I have no idea what ChatGPT is.

I asked two very technical questions and it gave usable answers. It composed a love poem that was suitable to send to my girlfriend.

It’s a great tool that provides very basic information for very elementary research and content creation functions. However, it still needs a person to check for accuracy, and to personalize the narrative style, tone and structure.

I tend to use technology for the basics; I do not get involved with all kinds of apps.

I’m old-school. I prefer to think for myself and do my work myself.

I hope I never need to

I never heard of this.

AI is here to stay, so make it your friend and learn it or go home.

It’s only as accurate and unbiased as it’s taught to be, or as the generic internet. That is a concern Jews need to monitor very proactively.

Yes, but just to improve on a sentence or paragraph I had written. I have not used it for original thought.

I’ve read some things that I suspect were written by a chatbot.

When used correctly, a very useful tool. But people must realize it is not a search engine — it just matches patterns — so what you get back may not be accurate.

I experimented and almost everything it said was flat-out wrong. If it doesn’t cite sources, assume it’s hallucinating. If it does cite sources, check to make sure they’re real; sometimes they’re made-up.

Very interesting, with great possibilities for good or bad purposes. Should be regulated ASAP. PJC

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