Chronicle poll results: Charitable giving
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Chronicle poll results: Charitable giving

We asked our readers if the economy has affected their charitable giving. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Has the economy affected your charitable giving?” Of the 177 people who responded, 48% said no and 45% said yes, while 7% said they weren’t sure yet. Comments were submitted by 38 people. A few follow.

If anything, we are giving more.

It has completely stopped us from giving any charitable donations! We are having enough trouble just feeding ourselves!

The pandemic and the economy have affected my husband and me negatively.

It is imperative to now give more to the most appropriate charities and less to those that are top-heavy with “administrators and staff.”

Uncertainty regarding a possible recession has reduced our charitable donations by 75%.

We try to donate more often to food banks.

Not yet, but that could change if inflation continues.

I gave more in 2020 because I knew non-profits and the arts needed more.

I‘m now retired and not in good health. I had hoped to continue donating to medical research in memory of lost relatives, but I don’t want to become a burden to those relatives I stiil have left. I have to be able to pay for my care.

I’m still going to give where and when I see a need, and now there is more and more need. The biggest change is that I guess I’ll be worrying about it all more.

It has not. I have a certain amount taken out each week from my paycheck for the charity of my choice. I feel blessed that I can do this!

I do not have a lot of extra money, but I will always give something. I believe something is better than nothing. I’m teaching my son that anyone can be a mensch and there are many ways to be one.

I am doing my best to be more charitable. So many of our neighbors are really suffering due to the extreme price hikes making everyday living very expensive. Hopefully the direction of the country will change in November. Things are not going well under this administration.

It makes me sacrifice a bit so that my giving does not decrease. Not to praise myself, but others are in need, and it is not all about me. PJC

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