Chronicle poll results: Bagels
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Chronicle poll results: Bagels

We asked our readers where they buy bagels. Here's what they said.

(Image by hiven zhu from Pixabay)
(Image by hiven zhu from Pixabay)

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Jan. 15 was National Bagel Day. Where do you buy your bagels?” We offered no multiple-choice responses, but rather asked readers to list their favorite place to buy bagels and to share why it is their favorite.

Popular responses included: Trader Joe’s; Einstein Bros. Bagels; Pigeon Bagels; Giant Eagle; Costco; Bruegger’s Bagels; Oakmont Bakery; Aldi; Panera; Bagel Factory; and Gussy’s Bagels & Deli. Some out-of-town readers weighed in with favorite bagel shops in West Virginia, Maine, New York and Israel. Several readers said they made their own bagels, others said they do not eat bagels, and many people lamented the fact that they couldn’t get a good bagel in Pittsburgh. We received responses from 136 people. A few follow.

I used to go to Pigeon, but find their politics objectionable and can no longer support them. I was thrilled to recently discover Gussy’s in Oakland. They have delicious, fresh, reasonably priced bagels.

Bruegger’s! Their bagels have seeds on top and bottom!

Giant Eagle: Convenience and value.

A Slice of New York (Manor, Pennsylvania) because they bring the bagels in from New York.

I bake them myself. I haven’t bought a bagel since the start of the pandemic.

Not in Pittsburgh. The bagels here mostly stink.

Pigeon because it is both heimish and edgy.

Costco. Best value.

Pretty much wherever I am when I want some. There are some places I won’t buy them and I won’t buy packaged or frozen ones. There are enough places making fresh ones around our area.

My daughter bakes them from scratch and they are delicious!

As much as I like to support local businesses, Bruegger’s has the closest thing to my childhood favorite, Bageland.

Three Brothers Bagels. They are really tasty and freeze well.

Ressler’s in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. The flavor is great.

Wherever they are the cheapest for what we want,

The Bagel Factory, Costco (Einstein Bros. brand) and Oakmont Bakery.

I don’t live in Pittsburgh anymore. If I did I would buy bagels on Murray Avenue. However, none of the bagels in Pittsburgh come close to what we had in past years with Herman’s, Rosenbloom’s, Waldorf and Silverblatt’s. I visit Pittsburgh a lot and can actually find better bagel’s in Atlanta, where I live. This is an opportunity in Pittsburgh not only for making bagels but a good deli as well.

It used to be Bruegger’s. But, since there are no Bruegger’s, or even bagel places in the South Hills, it has been a long time since I had a good bagel.

Murray Avenue Kosher. They are the best. PJC

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