Big honor for Pamela’s Diner

Big honor for Pamela’s Diner

When President Barack Obama was asked by one of his aides what he wanted to be served for his Memorial Day breakfast when he entertains 80 veterans, one breakfast food stood out in his mind.
In April of 2008 when campaigning in Pittsburgh, he ate at Pamela’s Diner in The Strip District. He never forgot those pancakes.
Pam Cohen and her partner Gail Klingensmith got a call from the White House and were asked to cook for Obama’s Memorial Day breakfast.
“It was just unbelievable,” Cohen said. “What are the odds that two native
Pittsburghers end up in the White House making pancakes that Pittsburgh has been eating for 30 years?”
The two prepared the breakfast in the White House kitchen with the executive chef. While they didn’t get to eat with the president, they did have a brief meeting with him.
“The first thing he said to us was, ‘Michelle is so mad that she can’t be here for these pancakes. She’s at Camp David with the kids.’ ”
The brief trip was a once in a lifetime experience for Pam and Gail.