Why I’m an enthusiastic ‘Trumpster’

Why I’m an enthusiastic ‘Trumpster’

Candidly and colorfully, Donald Trump says what others dare to think and proposes changes that others fear to reveal. Voters flock to his rallies to hear his observations and to be entertained by how he expresses them, unfiltered by a media that has abandoned any semblance of journalistic standards.

To the contrary, Hillary Clinton is hiding and running-out-the-clock, for she has not — and cannot — articulate a unifying vision of what she would want to accomplish. Her vague “Stronger Together” mantra bespeaks collectivism, ignoring how individuals aspire to achieve without mandates, regulations and dictates.

The freedom to live securely, the right to speak openly, the necessity to preserve Western civilization, the priority to maintain American exceptionalism: These are the values that animate Trump’s program.

In contrast, Clinton’s open-borders policy would undermine America’s domestic safety, her globalism would cede control over the Internet to those who would censor dialogue, her inability to combat Islamism would erode Judeo-Christian ethics, and her foreign policy would empower anti-Jewish forces.

Compare Trump’s social policies with Hillary’s, and recognize her hypocrisy. She proclaims women’s rights while the Clinton Foundation pays male executives 38 percent more than women receive. She proclaims LGBTQ rights while she reaps millions from Arab countries that systematically degrade women, murder homosexuals and underwrite terrorist activities toward the United States and Israel. And she defends barbaric partial-birth abortion, performed long after fetal viability can be attained outside the womb.

Meanwhile, Trump pays people what they are worth, recognizes gay marriage, and has not 100-percent condemned Planned Parenthood.

Compare Trump’s security policies with Clinton’s, and recognize her disingenuousness. She established her private server for “convenience” and, in the process, allowed foreign actors access to classified emails. She lied about every facet of her behavior when she initially spoke at the United Nations, explaining why she is viewed as untrustworthy by most Americans. Indeed, she may have suddenly developed amnesia for what happened, but she destroyed evidence and devices after having received a congressional subpoena. And the Clinton Foundation dispersed Haitian donations to the favored few — dictated by quid pro quo arrangements — while enriching themselves and their friends.

Meanwhile, Trump won’t divulge military strategy, would emulate Israel’s successful security fence, maintains an unprecedented level of transparency and wants to “drain the D.C. swamp” by imposing congressional term limits and blocking federal officeholders from traversing the revolving door of lobbying.

Compare Trump’s foreign policies with Clinton’s, and recognize the failures of “following from behind.” As secretary of state, she pushed a “reset button” with Russia, allowing Vladimir Putin to annex Crimea and to assume ownership of 20 percent of uranium produced in the United States. In the Maghreb, she pushed for regime change in Libya, promoting gun-running reminiscent of the illegal Iran-Contra affair. She failed to protect the Benghazi outpost, before and during the assault that led to the deaths of four Americans, exclaiming thereafter, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Furthermore, in the Middle East, she countenanced the Iran nuclear deal and the precipitous Iraqi withdrawal that led directly to the rise of the Islamic State, called Bashar al-Assad “a Reformer,” and has consistently aligned herself with the Muslim Brotherhood instead of Egypt’s reformers.

And her commitment to a strong Israel has flagged. She berated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for building in suburban Jerusalem, and her State Department refused to recognize Jews born in Jerusalem as Israeli.

Moreover, the Philippines are dancing with China, illustrating why Clinton’s complicity with Obama’s actions has degraded relations with almost every country — the world is therefore more dangerous — when contrasted with eight years ago.

Meanwhile, Trump would rebuild the military to block Russian and Chinese adventurism, both directly and through their proxies; he would arm the Kurds; he would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital; and he would undo Obama’s executive orders that freed banks to use dollars when dealing with Iran.

Compare Trump’s economic policies with Clinton’s, and recognize her Alinsky-ite socialism. She wants to expand an unraveling Obamacare, close coal mines, import cheap labor from Mexico and Syria and continue Obama’s oppressive policies. Meanwhile, Trump would encourage interstate competition of health insurers, build the Keystone Pipeline, cut taxes to repatriate offshore funds, promote job creation, defund sanctuary cities and reverse Obama’s regulatory policies.

Just like England voted to “Brexit” from the European Union, Trump would “make America great again” while negotiating with other countries, such as Mexico, to make them great again, too. He would accomplish this while alleviating fiscal stagnation and prolonged recovery from the 2008 recession, raising the current 2 percent GDP to 4 percent.

And most important for Jews who respect Torah, he would restore the constitutional rule of law.

Robert Sklaroff is a Philadelphia-area physician and former Republican committee member in Abington Township.