Reflecting community: a note on process

Reflecting community: a note on process

In pursuit of balance

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Laptop, Computer, Desktop PC, Human Hand, Office / soft focus picture / Vintage concept

As Pittsburgh’s only news source tasked with the specific mission of serving the area’s Jewish community, the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle takes its charge seriously.

That said, we realize that not everyone is always pleased or in agreement with all the stories we print, the opinion pieces we share, or the sources we tap for information. We hope this editorial might help elucidate our process.

Our Jewish community is diverse in a myriad of ways, including religious denomination, political perspective, gender, sexual orientation, age and neighborhood. We continue to strive to reflect that diversity in our news coverage as well as our opinion pieces.

The newspaper has played a vital role in connecting our community since its beginning, our roots going back more than 100 years to our predecessor newspapers. In July 2017, the newspaper changed its name from The Jewish Chronicle to the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle, emphasizing its local focus.

We are deliberate in our endeavor to be an indispensable source of news while also working to build and strengthen the Jewish community of Southwestern Pennsylvania. In doing so, we do our best to seek out voices that reflect the broad range of people and perspectives that comprise Pittsburgh’s Jewish community.

Our small staff is diverse as well, and includes members who affiliate with a variety of congregations, and those who live in the suburbs as well as the city. Our editorial team is comprised of two women and two men. The ages of our staff members span 30 years.

We recognize that accurately reporting stories means seeking out a variety of voices, and we make a concerted effort to do so. We also encourage feedback from all who are willing to give it. Our goal is to pursue balance in our paper, over time, if not within each issue. We realize that such balance is not reflected every week, either in the sources we utilize, the types of stories we run, or the opinions we share.

Some things to keep in mind: There may be limited sources available for any particular article for any number of reasons, and often our reporters must prioritize the types of diverse voices they pursue, depending on the topic of the piece. While one story may benefit from sources that represent a range of denominations, for example, another may benefit from those that differ in political views or represent different genders. You can see how we work all this out if you follow us week after week; it’s harder to tell simply by looking at a single issue.

The Chronicle is steadfast in its commitment to reflect the community we serve in all its diversities. Our reporters continually are encouraged to seek out new voices for their stories, while also relying on those that have enriched our paper for years. pjc