Polish government whitewash

Polish government whitewash

(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Having just finished watching the Netflix series “The Devil Next Door” and then opening my Chronicle to read the column by Ben Cohen, I got excited to see what he had to say.

In all honesty, while watching the series and when pictures of the maps used were shown, I never even noticed the borders but only the location of the camps — especially Sorbibor and Treblinka.

For the Polish government to want to whitewash what happened is extremely disturbing. “Puppet” government or not, a unified country or districts under German rule ( what part of Poland wasn’t under German rule?), these camps and railroad tracks ran through Poland, Polish work units helped to build the camps, the camps were in Poland, the villagers knew what was happening. Yes, the camps were Nazi controlled and operated, but they were in Poland.

Shame on Netflix and shame on the Poles — you can’t rewrite history and make excuses for what happened. We learn from history about our greatest triumphs and our greatest mistakes and we go on and try to do better.
Thank you, Mr. Cohen, for pointing this out.

Dotty Weisberg
Penn Township

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