Letters to the editor November 27

Letters to the editor November 27

As Jews, we must not break apart

I appreciated Toby Tabachnick’s Nov. 13 article “‘CoExistence’ — not ‘Conflict’ — will be served at these CMU, Pitt ‘Kitchens.’ ’’ I appreciated even more the courageous stand by Naomi Sternstein and Lauren Barney, two students who gave their names in the article, as they spoke plainly about their discomfort with Israel bashing on college campuses. How can we as Jews let the word Zionism be a bad word and not a beautiful celebrated word?

We all need to speak up before there is no one to speak. Those who criticize Israel must realize that if they were in any other Middle Eastern country, they would have no voice and could even be killed for speaking their mind. Remember, those cultures do not appreciate women, they do not allow diversity, and they would kill us just for being Jews and praying in a synagogue. We need to band together and not break apart. We must pursue justice along with peace.

Rena Becker

Squirrel Hill