Letters to the editor January 30

Letters to the editor January 30

Iran concert tour backed

I enthusiastically join those leaders of our community who are in favor of a Pittsburgh Symphony visit to Iran (“Jews give their own take on proposed PSO trip to Iran,” Jan. 23).

We know that the leadership of the country despises the West, Israel and Jews, but that the man and woman in the street are interested in the United States and generally have friendly feelings toward us.

If this were a mission such as the North Korean fiascos engaged in by the bizarre and incoherent former basketball star Dennis Rodman, in which a ruthless leader was honored and aggrandized, it would be another matter, but a symphony visit would be a cultural, artistic exchange with the people of Iran, one which would certainly bring us closer to its people through the beauty of symphonic music.

I hope that the significant amount of money necessary for such a trip can be raised and that the other hoops that must be jumped through can be successfully navigated.  

There could be no greater or more talented ambassadors for Pittsburgh and the United States than our beloved Pittsburgh Symphony musicians.

Oren Spiegler

Upper St. Clair

Fiddlin’ with Iran

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Will the [Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra] fiddle while Israel burns?

Elinore Sherwood