Letters to the editor December 4

Letters to the editor December 4

The Post-Gazette’s silence was deafening

I have not wanted to accept the accuracy of the recurring accusations made by many from our community that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the major and often excellent newspaper of our region, is anti-Semitic or regularly displays an anti-Israel bias, but the charge seems plausible in the aftermath of the slaughter and literal butchery of peaceful, innocent Jewish worshippers at Kehilat Bnei Torah in Jerusalem on Nov. 20.

This was an important story. It blanketed front pages above the fold throughout the newspaper world. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review made it the top story, and it conveyed the horror of what occurred in gripping and unsanitized photographs. The Tribune-Review ran an editorial about the killings the following day. It was important for the Post-Gazette editorial board to comment, and it should have been easy enough to unconditionally condemn such a crime against all of civilization.

I write this letter a week after the attack on the synagogue. Since then, the Post-Gazette has run an editorial about the importance of Jordan, which it used to criticize and warn Israelis, but it has said not a word about the massacre.

It will be more difficult for the Post-Gazette to evade the frequent charge that it has a skewed view of the Jewish homeland.  An injustice has been perpetrated against the Jewish community.

Oren Spiegler

Upper St. Clair