Letters to the editor April 7

Letters to the editor April 7

Simply disrespectful

On the Opinion page of a recent Jewish Chronicle was a cartoon by Sean Delonas that depicted President Trump sitting in a chair watching Sesame Street. Under the headline “Trump proposes eliminating funding for PBS,” Big Bird is shown giving the president “the finger” with the caption, “Hey Donald, Today’s letters are …” and the letters “F” and “U” are shown next to Big Bird.

I was appalled that The Chronicle would publish such a political cartoon that was so disrespectful to the office of the president. Have we become so divided that this message attacking the president is OK, as long as it is the current president? Would The Chronicle have published the same cartoon if the president were Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? My guess is that it would have been caught way before publication and relegated to the garbage can where it belongs.

The Jewish Chronicle is a family-oriented publication. It is read by Jews and non-Jews. Is this kind of disrespect something we want to teach our children? Is this how we want non-Jews to think of us? I only hope the answer is no. Our children deserve a better example.  

Gerry Bass


Improving Jewish life

We were pleased to read The Jewish Chronicle’s “How a single mom revolutionized Moldova’s Jewish Community” (March 17, 2017). For many years, donors to the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh have been supporting Jews in Moldova through its core Israel and Overseas allocations to the Jewish Agency and the American Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). With the average monthly income of $300 per month, our assistance through the JDC provides critical humanitarian aid to elderly Jews in Moldova, helping them  pay for medical supplies, winter relief and senior day care programs.

In addition, the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh supports the Jewish Agency’s summer camp and after-school experiences for Jewish children in Kishinev. Children who participate in these programs are bringing Judaism back into their homes and building a strong sense of Jewish identity within their families.

The Israel and Overseas Funding Committee, in existence for close to 20 years, supports fellow Jews not only in Moldova, but also in Israel, assisting youth at risk, people with special needs, the Ethiopian community, shared society between Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs and food insecurity. The programs go through a vigorous review and evaluation process before receiving Federation support. Thanks to the Federation’s campaign dollars, together we are improving Jewish life in the former Soviet Union and Israel.

Laurie S Moser

Jan Levinson

Members, Israel and Overseas Funding Committee