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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Wearing his Judaism proudly
I have reacted to the rise in antisemitism not by hiding my Jewishness but rather by emphasizing it. (“Antisemitism fears prompted 4 in 10 American Jews to change behavior last year,” online, Oct. 27.) I currently wear a silver Star of David that is 1-inch from point to point. In the house, I usually wear it under my shirt; when out, however, I almost always wear it outside my shirt. I am in the process of replacing my small silver Star of David with a larger gold one on a heavy gold chain. It, too, will be worn with pride outside my shirt.

Aside from my Jewish pride, I wear my star to demonstrate to people that there are good Jews. I work with primarily Black Christians in the drug and alcohol field. I do so as a volunteer. My concern here is rising Black antisemitism. I’ve encountered it once myself. The staff and clients, almost all Black and Christian, get to know me as a helper, a good white, Jewish guy.

So rather than go around as an undercover Jew, I choose to be right out there.

Al K. DeRoy

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