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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)

Writer made story unnecessarily political
I feel that the article by Ron Kampeas implying that only conservatives feel that Joe Biden lied regarding visiting Tree Of Life is divisive, misleading, and unfortunate (“Conservatives accuse Biden of lying about visiting the Tree of Life synagogue,” online, Sept. 3; in print this week, p. 18).

Biden misspoke as he has done in the past and this is quite problematic. Unfortunately, Kampeas makes a nonpolitical occurrence into a political issue, adding to the perception of media bias, resulting in further polarization of our community.

Peter Kaplan
South Hills

Praise for the community in embracing vaccination
I was pleased to see in the Sept. 3 edition that our Jewish community is highly vaccinated against the coronavirus (“Chronicle poll results”) and the Chronicle referencing in an editorial (“Rosh Hashanah 5782”) the “stubborn refusal” of some to be inoculated.

It is tragic that for the first time in the long history of vaccines, a political furor has erupted over the matter with documented evidence that Republicans are far less likely than Democrats to receive the vaccine. We have also seen that throughout the country, it is Republicans who are fighting tooth and nail to preclude public school students from having to wear masks.

My wife and I contracted coronavirus in January of this year. It was a miserable experience, knocking me out for almost a week. Thankfully, Melanie’s symptoms were not as severe as mine. I experienced flu-like symptoms for almost two days after receiving both doses of the Pfizer vaccine in April and May, but this was preferable to being at risk for a second infection and potentially serious consequences — even death.

In my school district, as in so many others, aggrieved parents devoting time and energy to preserve their children’s’ “freedom” have not only attended school board meetings to demand that no mask mandate be imposed, but have taunted and threatened board members and health care officials who have sought to require students to wear masks. As we have seen, ignorant people have sought to compare a health care safety protocol to actions taken by the Nazis, a despicable affront to those of us who lost loved ones in the Holocaust. Requiring the wearing of a mask to protect others from a potentially lethal illness could not be more dissimilar to the actions taken by murderers to single out and destroy those of our faith.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health finally stepped in to mandate masks, but its directive is being challenged in court, wasting time and public money.

We find ourselves in a perilous position as this stubborn “epidemic of the unvaccinated” surges again. Infection rates, hospitalizations and deaths are now soaring to levels not seen since the height of the prior wave of the pandemic. Hospitals in some parts of the country are being overwhelmed and our health care provider heroes placed under inordinate and needless stress, strain and peril. I am gratified that our community has done its part to deal a blow to our modern-day plague of the coronavirus.

Oren Spiegler
Peters Township

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