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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Jewish Assistance Fund is essential community resource

We have an amazing, caring, and supportive community! Especially during this unusual year, as the pandemic has had such a pervasive grip on our lives, support from and engagement with the community and organizational partners have been essential. We’d like to expand on the information in the article “JFCS critical needs support is stopgap to downward spiral” that appeared in the July 26 edition of the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle and share information about additional community resources.

Since 1985, the Jewish Assistance Fund has provided the Western Pennsylvania Jewish community with emergency financial assistance. These are grants, with no repayment, for immediate and pressing day-to-day expenses such as housing, food, clothing, utilities, transportation, and necessary household repairs, medical, dental and other essential needs.

We are the Jewish community’s assistance fund, and we receive referrals from community members as well as Jewish and non-Jewish institutions and organizations including schools, synagogues, social service and medical providers.

We are a warm voice on the phone for everyone who contacts us, sharing information about community resources, and referring callers for emergency food distribution, critical needs, employment, assistance accessing unemployment, financial coaching and a variety of other financial and mental health resources. JAF is a point of contact as people maneuver a new and confusing landscape of needs and services, very often for the first time. The Jewish Assistance Fund values and works closely with our JFunds partners, Hebrew Free Loan, JFCS Squirrel Hill Food Pantry, JFCS Jewish Scholarship Service, Jewish Federation Israel Scholarship Program and Passport to Israel program. In these ways we are a warm embrace to the Jewish community
As we share in other forms on the pages of the Chronicle, we invite you to help us increase our visibility and connect our Western Pennsylvania Jewish community members with much needed financial assistance. Jewishassistancefund.org

Gean K. Goldfarb, president of Jewish Assistance Fund
Cindy Goodman-Leib, executive director of Jewish Assistance Fund

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