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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Challenge those who accuse Israel of apartheid
The article “Survey: A quarter of U.S. Jews agree that Israel ‘is an apartheid state’” (July 16) exemplifies what is wrong with many aspects of our young people today. All too many of them are beholden to a leftist ideology that is prevalent in our education system. Today’s schools and college campuses are a hotbed of extreme identity politics which preach that Israel (meaning all Jews) are bad and are oppressors. All too many Jewish youths are being taught this in school, and in some cases from the bima.

Pirkei Avot 2:3 states, “Be careful [in your dealings] with the ruling authorities for they do not befriend a person except for their own needs; they seem like friends when it is to their own interest, but they do not stand by a man in the hour of his distress.”

Anyone who is preaching that Israel is an apartheid state should be challenged and made to answer for their beliefs, whether in Congress, in the classroom or on the bima. Challenge them often and with fury. There is much information to counter their ignorance.

The solution is Ahavat Yisrael (love for one’s fellow Jews), and this applies to all Jews whether observant or not.

Andrew Neft
Upper St. Clair

Why is Unilever still doing business in China?
Unilever sells ice cream in China, even though rules governing ethnic Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang Province require children there to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese instead of their native language at “re-education” schools; men in that province can no longer wear beards or fast during Ramadan; and the Islamic greeting of “Salaamu Alaikum” is forbidden. According to Time Magazine, daily life for Muslim minorities in Xinjiang involves surveillance, indoctrination and detention. The U.N. (not my favorite organization) estimates that over 1 million in China have been put into “re-education centers.” Similar actions are also appearing in Hong Kong and Inner Mongolia, and 2.8 million Tibetans are being gathered into “urban work groups.”

Why would this be of concern to Jewish residents of Pittsburgh? Well, Unilever is the owner of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. When Ben Cohen (raised by Jewish parents) and his partner sold their enterprise to Unilever, it was with the provision that “progressive” policies would be followed and Unilever would not be doing business in places that did not meet with the Ben & Jerry’s standards.

Ben & Jerry’s recently announced they would no longer be doing business in the West Bank (“Breaking a 2-month silence, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream announces boycott of Israeli West Bank settlements,” July 23). But it’s perfectly okay for Unilever to continue to do business in China.

I guess I’ll be very content with other brands of ice cream from now on and forget about Ben & Jerry’s. Unless they decide to issue a particular new flavor. I wonder what “Hypocrisy” ice cream would taste like?

Sheryl Stolzenberg

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