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Letters to the editor

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Republicans — and Democrats — need to clean house
I am in complete agreement with the Chronicle (“Ilhan Omar is a blight on the Democratic Party,” July 9) that the Democratic U.S. House member is a detriment to the party, our faith, and our country, and is deserving of harsh rebuke by her colleagues for her blatant antisemitic and anti-Israel comments, which she has made on multiple occasions.

I take strong issue with one facet of the editorial, the commendation of the Republican Party for taking “decisive action” against its own menace, Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene. What “decisive action”?

Greene has endorsed crackpot conspiracy theories, she has supported QAnon, and has made hateful statements targeting Jews, Blacks and Muslims — anyone who is not like her. She has said that Muslims have no right to serve in elective office. She viciously taunted a survivor of the Parkland High School shooting for his advocacy for legislation to target our country’s easy access to firearms. Greene has sought to overturn the votes of millions of Americans and has no interest in getting to the bottom of how and why our modern day of infamy, Jan. 6, 2021, took place.

Greene has not been expelled or even censured. She has been removed from committee assignments not at the initiation of her party, but by the Democrats, who provided the bulk of support for stripping her of those positions. The measure to oust her passed by a narrow 230-199 margin and had the support of just 11 Republicans. Greene uses as a shield the support she enjoys from Donald Trump, who, tragically, remains the de facto leader of the party which he has hijacked.

The Republican Party did take decisive action against representative Liz Cheney for her audacity in telling the truth about the result of the Nov. 3 election, and to call out the insurrectionist former president, who continues to dangerously deny reality, serving to encourage another violent attack on our government. Today’s Eleventh Commandment of the GOP is, “Thou shalt not cross Donald Trump.”

Both the Democrats and Republicans have some housecleaning to do. I fear that neither party is up to the task.

Oren Spiegler
Peters Township

Democratic party is blight on American values
Your latest editorial, “Ilhan Omar is a blight on the Democratic Party,” gets things exactly backward, and your own words prove it.

By being “hesitant to do much at all” and taking a “soft-gloved approach” to Omar’s continual “self-righteous, ill-informed and antisemitic rhetoric,” congressional Democrats have at best acquiesced to, and at worst, endorsed it.

So it’s not Omar that’s a blight on the Democratic party; it’s the Democratic party that’s a blight on American values.

Bruce Goldman

Democratic Party doesn’t care about antisemitism
The Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle’s editorial’s demand for Ilhan Omar to be censured and sanctioned by the Democratic Party leadership for her foundational antisemitism is well intentioned but ultimately myopic (“Ilhan Omar is a Blight on the Democratic Party”).

Time and again, for years now, the Democratic Party leadership has embraced Omar’s virulent antisemitism by not sanctioning or censuring her Jew-hating rants. By its years of ignoring Omar’s utterings, the Democratic Party has proven it no longer cares about antisemitism. Pelosi, Schumer, et al. are more interested in coddling the growing progressive wing of the Democratic Party with its embrace of antisemitism.

With each Congressional election, antisemitism finds a growing acceptance in the Democratic Party. Clearly it is the party that has forsaken the wise and prescient words Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at Harvard shortly before his death: “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews; you’re talking antisemitism.”

Richard Sherman
Margate, Florida

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