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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Disappointed in Peduto
Regarding the May 7 article, “Mayor and Mayoral Candidate Bill Peduto Discusses Candidacy with Jewish Group”:

Although I have been a happy suburbanite since 2002, everyone in the region has a stake in the success of the city of Pittsburgh. Its mayor is in a real sense a regional leader, hence I have followed the city’s progress and trials with great interest throughout my life.

It is gratifying that Bill Peduto has long had a warm relationship with the Jewish community and that he has led competently on many other issues. I have written commentary on his behalf on multiple occasions and he has recognized and expressed gratitude for my efforts.

It was a surprise and disappointment to me to see his current television ads, in which opponent, state Rep. Ed Gainey is smeared, portrayed as a corrupt politician, “Friends of Bill Peduto” telling us that Gainey only seeks “gains” for himself.

In an earlier ad, the mayor takes on a Mister Rogers-style persona, telling us that there is a white Pittsburgh and a Black Pittsburgh, and that he seeks to ensure that this dichotomy ends. I wonder how he will contribute to such a unification as he smears a leading Black elected official, Mr. Gainey.

I detest political ads which portray the opponent as sinister and whose sole message is, “Vote for me because my opponent is a bum.”

I do not understand why a shoo-in for renomination for mayor of the City of Pittsburgh amidst a divided field of opponents would see the need to stoop so low.

Oren Spiegler
Peters Township

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