Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Tasmanian Jewish community small, but continuous
Your article profiling Iris Stern Levi (“Mission of Israeli activist: Helping marginalized women,” April 23) includes a claim from Stern Levi that she was “the only Jewish family in Tasmania at that time.” As president of the Hobart Hebrew Congregation, I can proudly say that our congregation has had an unbroken existence since our establishment in 1841. While always a small community, we have never been down to one family.

Jeff Schneider
President, Hobart Hebrew Congregation
Hobart, Tasmania

New Light has kept worship spaces open during the pandemic
The Chronicle did not research New Light Congregation for “Non-Orthodox congregations consider return to in-person worship” (April 23). We are the only non-Orthodox synagogue that was open for most of the pandemic. We offer a hybrid option between in-person and Zoom and allow each group to see one another. We have constructed a safe space with masking and social spacing and a plastic shield on the shulchan. We follow strict rules during the Torah service that allow for social distancing. We follow halachic guidelines that count in-person attendees only for the Shabbat morning minyan. We have made compromises but we kept our worship space open.

Rabbi Jonathan Perlman
Squirrel Hill

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