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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Not all of the ‘50 Completely True Things” ring true
Regarding “‘50 Completely True Things,’ a Palestinian-American’s call for compromise” (May 10): Mo Husseini claims as one of his “50 completely true things” that “Israelis … have committed acts of terror” and “that some aspects of Israeli military activity may be war crimes.” These are lies and we all know it!

Israel is fighting a defensive war against terrorists who embed themselves among civilians, use civilians as human shields and fight without wearing identifying uniforms — all crimes in violation of the Geneva Convention. These are the real war crimes. Israel is responding to a sadistic, brutal attack against its civilians on Oct. 7, and Hamas has been clear it wants to commit its brutal, sadistic attack again, over and over.

It is very understandable that Jews would be “eager to read and identify with an essay that [appears to] seek common ground.” We Jews are desperately hungry for someone from the Arab world who speaks with anything close to what we would call moderation. But accusing the Jewish state of war crimes is not moderation and we need to stop giving a platform to someone who is spreading these libels against Israel.

Simone Shapiro
Squirrel Hill

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