Letter to the editor November 25

Letter to the editor November 25

Be prepared to fight

I regret to say that The Chronicle is unjustifiably optimistic in its Nov. 17 editorial, “The need to move forward,” hoping for the best with a new president from whom we have every reason to expect the worst.

I recognize that Donald Trump will be my president and hope that he will no longer be defined by the ignorance, hatred and bigotry which have defined him. I acknowledge that his post-election posture, including a stunning “60 Minutes” interview in which he was soft-spoken, well-spoken, reserved, thoughtful and almost likable, causes me to be not as discouraged as I was the morning after the election.

On the other hand, the president-elect has placed Breitbart News radical right-winger and reputed anti-Semite Stephen Bannon in an extremely influential position.

And he has nominated as attorney general Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, against whom a prima facie case of racism has been made.

To entrust Sessions with the task of safeguarding voting rights would be deeply troubling.

I am wondering how many key appointments of women, African-Americans, Hispanics and Muslims will be made.

The Trump inner circle must reflect the diversity of our nation if he is to be true to his words of desiring to serve as a uniter.

Astonishingly, we, including many of our faith, have elected to be the leader of the free world the man who conducted himself as a hoodlum throughout a loathsome and seemingly interminable campaign.

I will hold out some hope that he will become better than what he has been, but I would be foolish to be confident about the future of our now-forever changed country.

Renowned New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman surely spoke for many of us through the following compelling passage: “I have no intention of forgetting or forgiving the abhorrent things you said and did during the campaign. They hurt real people, debased our political process and erased social norms vital for keeping our diverse society together. I am not done resisting all that just because you won.”

Oren Spiegler

Upper St. Clair