Letter to the editor March 5

Letter to the editor March 5

Obama’s disrespect continues

The behavior of American Jewish groups regarding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress is similar to that of Jewish leaders of the 1930s and their lack of unity and proactivity in the years leading up to and during the Holocaust (“The fallout from Dermergate,” Feb. 5). The Anti-Defamation League, the president of the Union for Reform Judaism, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, and J Street have called to have Netanyahu cancel his speech; the JCRC, the American Jewish Committee and AIPAC have been silent.

President Barack Obama does not want Congress or the American people to hear what Netanyahu has to say about Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Thinking he can negotiate, Obama trusts Iran to be forthright and live up to agreements despite the fact that Iran has been deceitful about its nuclear program and is a supporter of terrorism worldwide.

The Jewish community should express outrage over Obama, who yet again is disrespecting the prime minister of Israel, our closet and most reliable ally in the Middle East. We need to get over this ghetto mentality.

Anita Colman

Oakland, Calif.